Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Retired Marine Sergeant Ted Gillis “Makes WSOP History” and Pockets Half a Million

The end to the $1,500 WSOP Event #19: No-Limit Hold'em was surprisingly quick. Seasoned pro John Hennigan entered heads up with 3.8 million to Texas bar league amateur and retired marine sergeant Ted Gillis’ 5.6 million. Despite a healthy stack relative to the 60,000 blinds, Hennigan could not avoid Gillis’ full-throttle aggression. He was forced to muck on a board in which Gillis tabled a flopped trip fours, losing 2.3 million. On the final hand Hennigan pushed his last 1.3 million chips in with Q-9 and was dominated by Gillis’ A-6 on a 10-10-A board. As reported on ESPN, the victory meant a great deal to Ted Gillis, who “made his mark on history.”

A perfect flop for Gillis.

Gillis "makes his mark on history."

Today, WSOP railbirds have an action-packed $10,000 Event #22: H.O.R.S.E. to look forward to. Considered one of the most prestigious bracelets, our final 21 out of 200 includes Daniel Negreanu, Elky, Justin Bonomo, and David Benyamine still in the hunt. A couple pictures from yesterday’s action:

                                      Negreanu and Elky share a table playing Omaha 8

                                              Doyle Brunson among those knocked out.

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