Monday, June 9, 2014

Action Flop-to-river Sequence in WSOP NLHE Event #19, With Four Remaining

With four players left in the WSOP Event #19: No-Limit Hold'em tournament, and all players guaranteed a six-figure payday, new short stack Ted Gillis started to get active, raising all in repeatedly. Gillis limped in the small blind with 10-9 hearts and called a preflop raise by Fernandez. When the flop came 10-K-4 Gillis went for broke and shoved all in. Holding K-Q, Fernandez called and watched in anguish as Gillis hit his miracle 10 on the river. Not only did he stay alive, but he essential reversed chip counts with Fernandez, the new short stack.This remarkable turn of events is captured in this series of action poker shots below.

Ted Gillis praying for a miracle 10 or 9 on turn.

                                                  Still praying for a miracle 10 or 9 as turn blanks.

                                                Last prayer, a 10 or 9 on river please.

10 peels out, thank you Poker Gods!

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