Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Where Sharks Swim (Progress On One Drop Companion Project)

I am currently preparing a book tentatively titled "A One Drop Companion: Inside Poker’s $1 Million Tournament and the Players Who Risk It All." 

This has proven to be a much more arduous and time-consuming project than originally conceived, as I combine analysis of the actual tournament, which I covered with OnTilt Radio and back stories that interest me as a writer and poker enthusiast. The list of completed sections below give a fairly good idea of the diverse, often controversial subjects covered in this book, which is approaching 100 pages.

1. Heads-up, Daniel Colman vs. Daniel Negreanu 

2. Currents Beneath the One Drop Surface (Where Sharks Swim)

3. To 1 drop or not 1 drop

4. Guy Laliberté  – The Entrepreneurial Visionary Behind the One Drop

5. The Circus Master Who Not Only Bent Over, But Supplied the Lube

6. “Hong Kong” Tom and the Birth of the Macao Big Game

7. The Case of the FBI and the Absent Asian Businessmen

8. Daniel Colman - From Dishwasher to Hyper Turbo HU SNG Master

9. What Gratitude? - Reluctant Winner of “A Very Dark Game”

I hope to have the completed work available on Amazon (or a dedicated website) as an e-book by the end of the month. If there are any poker players out there who would like to read and vet sections for accuracy, I am very open to working collaboratively to ensure a fair and accurate story is presented. This book may take off and become a work which general poker enthusiasts rely on to understand current trends in WSOP and high stakes poker. 

Feel free to contact me through this blog and PLEASE visit and like the Facebook page I have created for the book as it progresses toward completion. 

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