Tuesday, August 12, 2014

One Drop 2014: Daniel Colman vs. Daniel Negreanu Heads-up

Just posted an article on the heads-up between Daniel Negreanu and Daniel Colman.

The acrobats have left the ESPN stage, the platitudes about bringing water to the needy are but a distant echo, and friends, family members, and the poker elite sit on the edge of their seats, wondering just who will flinch first. 2013 Player of the Year Daniel Negreanu is up against Internet whiz kid Dan Colman and neither is giving an inch. With blinds at 600,000 and 1.2 million, Colman starts heads up play sitting on 68 million in chips and Negreanu with 57 million. Play is guarded at first, with both players sounding each other out through feeler bets, getting in and out of hands before major river decisions arrive.

Continued at https://medium.com/@damonshulenberger/anatomy-of-a-1-million-bust-out-5fc2480ce1e9

From the forthcoming e-book “A One Drop Companion: Inside Poker’s $1 Million Tournament and the Players Who Risk It All.” See previous excerpt “Anatomy of a $1 Million Bust Out.”

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